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Milk being pumped into the cheese making cauldronMilk and whey starter is brought up to 31-33CRennet is addedAfter about 15 minutes the milk has curdledThe curd is broken up, here manuallyCurd being brokenCurd being brokenChecking the size of the curd grainsThe temperature is now raised for the cooking processTemperature is brought up to 53-56CThe curds are left to settle and amalgamate for 30-70mins beforeThe amalgamated curd reaching the surfaceThe curd is caught in a hemp clothThe curd is caught in a hemp clothThis is then tied to the barThe curd is then cut in to two piecesThe curd divided in twoThe two pieces are separated, each with its own clothThey are then briefly placed in an acidified bathAnd then into teflon moulds