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Milk separation tanksMilk left to curdleStarting to break up the curd manuallyMachine curd breaking/mixingSwitching curd cutting/mixing attachmentsLifting curd after capturing in muslin clothCurd rising to the surfaceSecuring curd in muslinSecuring curd in muslin and tying to barCutting the curd into 2 piecesLifting out first piece (around 40kg!)Lifting our 2nd piece and placing in moldPushing curd into the mouldThe tank after the whey has been removedCheese is put in these metal forms for 24 hoursThe Parmigiano-Reggiano stencil that is placed around the cheese after first 48hrsThe cheese is then put into salt water for around 20 daysThe cheese is then kept in a warmer room for a few daysThe cheese is then stored in an aging room for at least 12 monthsThis is 1 month old cheese